Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Moonassi Print

A beautiful print by artist Moonassi from South Korea. This piece is titled ‘The Value of Suffering’. well worth checking out the website http://www.moonassi.com

A simple black frame with a white spacer to set the artwork back from the glass is all that was needed for this calm, thoughtful image, really lovely :)

Monday, 12 January 2015

Formula 1

A busy start to the New Year here at The Cuckoo’s Nest. We’ve been re-organising the workshop and planning Framing and Painting jobs for the next few months, its going to be a very busy 2015…

Here’s something we worked on last year, but didn't have a chance to post with the Christmas rush. Some amazing F1 memorabilia, two car wings and F1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel's racing suit! 

Chunky black frames & floated white over black mounts set off these fantastic collectibles. The last photo shows one of the crates we packed these pieces in before shipping them off to Italy. All arrived safely and in time for Christmas ;)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Winter Reflections - A Hazy Shade of Winter

Winter Reflections Exhibition This is “A Hazy Shade of Winter” all framed up and ready for our Winter Reflections exhibition. A mixed media piece including painted glass…Hope you like it! :)

Please feel free to share this post with your friends, we’d love to get as many people along to the exhibition as possible & stay tuned for details of where you can get a sneak preview of a couple of pieces before the 15th!!! :)


Our Winter Reflections exhibition this year runs from November 15th until December 20th It incorporates the Oxfordshire Artweeks Christmas Weekend of November 22nd-23rd. We will be showcasing a new group of paintings by Graham Rice which depict the enchantment of a winter landscape. This series of work is based on figures of children in evocative woodland scenes - skipping across stones, hiding behind trees, watching the fall of leaves. Reflections of figures in the water and shadows against the snow add to the nostalgic and narrative feeling in these pieces. The paintings are all created in mixed media in cool and subtle wintry colours, featuring new three-dimensional devices such as trees and snowflakes painted on the glass itself, in the forefront of the paintings. This creates a unique eye-catching and subtle layered effect.

The exhibition will also feature new winter jewellery designs by Sheila Raven, inspired by the leaves and berries found in a forest in the winter. The collection includes beautiful textured silver oak, ivy, holly and mistletoe leaf earrings, with matching pendants made of complimentary leaves in both silver and copper with acorn or berry embellishments. The saw-pierced and beaten leaves create a stunning natural look.

All of the artwork in the Winter Reflections exhibitions is inspired by our rural workshop setting in the woods and fields of the Cotswolds landscape.


Thursday, 17 April 2014


This is a lovely print of a winter scene in Bruges, that a customer bought in for framing a couple of weeks ago. We used a white mount and hand painted frame to match the colours in the picture. Lovely job, we and the customer were very pleased :-)...Last weekend (before we started on the mad work in the new workshop) I was in Bruges myself for a short break, just around the corner from the (wonderful) B&B I was staying in, is this very location...and down a little side street from there, is the artist who painted this, selling his work on a stall. He was delighted that his work had made it home to the UK and his stall was packed with lots more lovely prints...so if you ever visit Bruges (and you really should...) hunt him out and buy yourself a beautiful souvenir :-)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Green Forest - Finished

Here’s the commissioned painting all finished & framed in a black lacquered frame with silver insert :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Green Forest...

The painting stage of this commission piece is all finished now...onto the gilding next :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Canvas repair

Here we have a painting by a young lady, who bought her masterpiece home from school. Her brothers were playing and accidentally sat on it, ripping a large hole in the middle…cue one unhappy little girl…

As is often the way in life however, granny came to the rescue, bringing the painting into us to see if we could do anything…We removed it from the broken stretcher bars, flattened everything, stuck it to a new piece of canvas and stretched that to a new support.

Once that was done, we filled the little gaps between the tears and painted over the top to match the surrounding artwork. We’ve popped it into a black tray frame so it can hang up on the wall…

Away from little brothers…;)