Sunday, 4 August 2013

2000AD comic book cover


Here's a project that was great fun to build. A customer collected comic covers as a boy and felt now was the time for them to move onto a new home, but he wanted to keep his favourite cover and have it framed up for his office. We came up with the idea of incorporating some of the other pages into a collage which we've used as a spacer on the inside edge. The cover page itself has been double mounted, with the white upper mount floated over the lower grey mount. The frame is a simple box style which we've gessoed, painted and waxed which gives the finished piece a very handsome look :-)

The comic page is an early 1980's 2000AD and we focus on its main character Judge Dredd on the collage spacers. You can find out more about 2000AD here

So for all of you with comics stored in the loft...perhaps it's time to put them to a new use :-)


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