Sunday, 13 October 2013

An African village


We've framed up at least a dozen African pieces similar to this one over the last couple of months. Very evocative pieces that people have picked up on their travels, rolled into a tube and brought home with them to be framed...they present a variety of challenges depending on how the customer wants them framed and what the artist has painted them on....we did one that the customer wanted stretched like a canvas, but the artist had painted in on a very thin bed sheet....that required a delicate touch...:-) This piece was much simpler, painted on a good solid support we were free to frame in anyway we liked. As you can see, we went for a deep oak frame which we simply waxed. A double mount with blue at the bottom and a matching blue sidewall to reflect the colours in the artwork. The customer was really delighted with the end result and the piece can now take pride of place and remind them of their adventures. :-)


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